The 10-year challenge of being a small business owner

Can you start a business that lasts longer then 10 years?

So many small business owners that I speak to are all dealing with the same type of issues. When the business is new they are often overwhelmed by the challenges of growing their business while having to do all of the actual work which includes everything from operations to bookkeeping to sales and marketing.

After years of hard work they often face issues of being unable to grow past a certain point or they face personal issues like a family member getting sick and they are torn between taking care of their personal affairs and taking care of their business. So how can you build a business that doesn’t require you to work in it everyday?

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Sales Professional and Entrepreneur

Meet Our Team: Jamie Irvine

My name is Jamie Irvine and I am the founder of, a BLOG focused on helping entrepreneurs, managers, and executives to make good decisions and have access to the best tools that influence revenue to grow.

My overarching goal for this blog isĀ to help people achieve success. It is my sincere hope that the insights my team and I provide will help you to avoid some of the mistakes we have made which influenced our revenue to shrink and to repeat the things we have done to achieve success in business and cause our revenue to grow.

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How to Make More Money in 2017

Welcome to our BLOG

As Les Brown said “everyone knows that being rich doesn’t make you happy but everyone wants to find out for themselves.” Some people say that “money is the root of evil.” They actually are misquoting a well-known verse from the Bible that actually says “the love of money is the root of evil”. It is not our intention to foster in you an unhealthy love of money but rather to show you how when you achieve balance in your life you can accomplish amazing things. HappinessĀ in life comes from balancing material, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

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